AshaMarie Choreography

Brooke Shaden – Nest –

This amazing photograph, linked above, speaks to me in many ways. I want to choreograph immediately and put the piece on stage tomorrow, as id love this idea to stay RAW.. WORK IN ITS MOST RAW FORM IS FASCINATING IN KEEPING THE EYE ENTERTAINED.
   This photo, of a naked woman in a human sized birds nest, could be reincarnated through dance as a solo or small group piece. The nest in itself symbolizes, to me, the home-base of comfort and growth. One grows out of the nest eventually and this is the element id focus on. the outgrowing of home and the uneasy yet exciting phase of moving on.
   The movement vocabulary in my head, enthralling, as i see movement from the fetal position open and close sustainably to the seated upright position. Stillness and silence fused with quick and quirky to symbolize a child’s growth and temperament in itself. Exploring the nest and eventually out of the nest, back and forth, perplexed of the thought of staying home, familiar, or roaming free, unknown. Roaming free and away from the nest, the dancer will grow on until only visiting the nest/home deems natural. It could end with the dancer close to, but not in the nest…  free to build his/her own nest and to fight the world alone.


The Gang of Thieves ‘Sexy Circus’ Music video

Last Summer i had a grand opportunity to audition & choreograph a music video for The Gang of Thieves reggea rock band from Burlington, VT. The band has been touring across the United States for more than a year, gaining many fans and pushing their name across the country. As their music contiues theyve gained contracts, sponsorships, and a great deal of exposure that has lead to their premiere of the music video ‘Sexy Circus Star’ and album! Check them out on youtube and their website ! An enticing conjuring of reggea, rock n roll, and ska music with a catchy, pop touch. Here is the creation::

Here is also a quick flick of the choreography process… a behind the scenes look at the dancers!🌟💃

Found this photo for you on Tumblr

★★Arnold Schwarzenegger doing ballet. A grown man, obviously not afraid of his sexuality, doing Ballet. I dislike the common connection that men who do ballet are gay. Although some times true of course, not Always the case! If ARNOLD Isn’t afraid.. you shouldn’t be either. Try it… it’s great for your body, health, & mood. Football player, runner, or an every day worker, try it! Go on!

Love life to the fullest, laugh, & smile when its hardest. Tell yourself youre beautiful three times in a row everytime you see yourself in the mirror. Honestly,  it helps ME!


Ive been traveling down a path that has yet to take me to where I want to be. Where I want to end up. Up, much higher on the totem pole of success in my career as a dancer. Iam facing hardships and obstacles along the way as well ad wanting to take technique classes more, finding more suitable auditions for my style, and expanding my income threw earning certifications in yoga & Pilates.
   Yet, im faced with never ending  financial battles that seem to consistently throw me off my path. Everything requires money in able to make more money! Im trying to save to acquire my certifications as if I could just get them I have jobs lined up as soon as im certified! Im wondering if I should go back to school and earn my MFA IN DANCE?!  It is a beautiful thought to take class again yet every day!
   On my path I have just been accepted into an upcoming dance company, Shadows Dance Experience FROM central/eastern Massachusetts which I am Core Company member & in house choreographer!  Iam excited and hoping this will take me further in my successes of dancing. I just received third place prize of 300$ from the Massachusetts Talent Show I danced in this past weekend. Iam also grateful for that! The money I will hope to put towards a certificate rather than bills as usual!
    I have also been pondering the start of my own company. When, where, & how I should begin and expand, so on and so forth. Ive got so many choreography ideas.. I have a deep passion for creating dance works. I feel bound to creating a company sooner than later in my career.
   Thank you for hearing my  thoughts….as they’re just thoughts falling on paper. I will figure out how to go about my successes eventually and just hoping in the meantime I can take one day at a time. I will focus on technique classes and saving/fixing my financials for now as unfortunatley,  most everything in life stems from the bread! !  Hah.

Stay happy, healthy, & strong! Enjoy life through peace, love, & laughter.