Class Videos

Intermediate ballet students , Dance Center of Danvers, petite allegro..2015- working on a tough variation! #practiceMakesPerfect

“Who Are You” lyrical Combination:

“Who are you” Lyrical combination for Dance Center of Danvers’ Beg/Int level students. 2015. Enjoy 😉


😍😘 Glenn Miller “In The Mood” Int/Adv Tap Dance i choreographed for the Dance Center of Danvers, MA. Competition dancers for the Diamond Company. 2015.


** CHECK OUT MY choreography- beginning Musical Theatre ‘Nicest Kids In Town’ from Hairspray The Musical!!

The video above is from The Dance School of Danvers, MA. Summer Dance workshop. Beg/int Musical Theatre! Aug6th 2014.


Blank Space- Beg/Int Tap:

😎💟💯% Woodbury, CT – MAIN STREET BALLET- Winterfest concert.
Sibley, the director of Main Street Ballet ( a nonProfit 501c3 dance studio organization) has, in my opinion, the most 🌸beautiful🌸 yearly tradition… She allows select groups of students to choreograph their own pieces, without guidance. It allows a major relief & confidence of Creativity. She has said that ” We (as teachers) tell them what to do on a regular basis. We force our knowledge upon them. This opportunity gives students the chance to do what they want, and to feel unpressed and confident while doing it!”
This past Winterfest, January 2015, was the most creative, CLEAR, WELL THOUGHT-OUT STUDENT DANCES TO DATE. i was told by teachers, students, and parents alike. Teachers/classes had the option to show choreography in Winterfest as well.
Ive been teaching here since Aug. 2015⬆⬆⬆ ABOVE IS MY INT.TAP CHOREOGRAPHY TO ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift.



**Above video is hiphop class at Paulo Freire School of Justice in Holyoke, Ma. freeStyle to chris browns “marvins room”



*Choreography for the Holiday Show Dec. 2013. Contemporary/Jazz class at Paulo Freire School of Justice. Holyoke, Ma.



** Kiara Cotto from the Paulo Friere School of Justice in Holyoke, Ma dance program. Practicing a Jazz combo across the floor illusions&Leaps! CD — 2013



*Christian from Paulo Friere dance program foolin’ with a TUT hiphop/jazz combo. 2013



^^angelas recital tap combos for march 18th 2013!! 🙂



Above is Int/Adv Tap Acopella for beginning of recital dance “heigh ho” .. Its a work in progress this is the first time they did this acopella! 🙂 listen to the rythms rather than watching the video.. I’ll post a more clear version another day..

each tap dancer is going to be one of the seven dwarves from snow white… Each with a tool propt and dwarf looking costumes!! 2013



*💖💕Check out a version of the famously/commonly used Tap Time Steps and each Time Step Break in between.. that most tap dancers don’t know💖💕



** Adult Tap dance mini combos 2013
Academy of Dance Arts, Leominster,MA


int/adv tap- heigh ho-no music feb. 25 2013


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