AshaMarie Choreography

Brooke Shaden – Nest –

This amazing photograph, linked above, speaks to me in many ways. I want to choreograph immediately and put the piece on stage tomorrow, as id love this idea to stay RAW.. WORK IN ITS MOST RAW FORM IS FASCINATING IN KEEPING THE EYE ENTERTAINED.
   This photo, of a naked woman in a human sized birds nest, could be reincarnated through dance as a solo or small group piece. The nest in itself symbolizes, to me, the home-base of comfort and growth. One grows out of the nest eventually and this is the element id focus on. the outgrowing of home and the uneasy yet exciting phase of moving on.
   The movement vocabulary in my head, enthralling, as i see movement from the fetal position open and close sustainably to the seated upright position. Stillness and silence fused with quick and quirky to symbolize a child’s growth and temperament in itself. Exploring the nest and eventually out of the nest, back and forth, perplexed of the thought of staying home, familiar, or roaming free, unknown. Roaming free and away from the nest, the dancer will grow on until only visiting the nest/home deems natural. It could end with the dancer close to, but not in the nest…  free to build his/her own nest and to fight the world alone.


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