The Above video is a great workout for multiple muscle groups! The first half of the video is easier for those with little ballet experience. Yet either way, the dancers demonstrate well in the video and therefore you can move along easily with them. Find a space in your house.. kitchen, living room, bedroom, even a bathroom for goodness sake! HAH    😀    But for those of you with less balance, use a wall, chair, or barre to keep you up and you will still feel the results. As you progress and or practice the phrases in the video you can challenge yourself with relying less and less on the wall for your balance until you can try the exercises without the wall/barre!

  A note for beginners: Do NOT feel intimidated by the dancers in the video- this is for YOURSELF! if you’re doing this just for exercise, focus on the key muscles your using and not about the “technique” of how you’re doing it so much! no need to lift your leg as high as possible, so what if you’re not that flexible, achieve a height that works for you. AND GUESS WHAT!? No Matter the height of the leg, you feel the same results!

So, give this video a shot and change it to your needs!! Any questions you shall have or need advice, suggestions, so on and so forth, DONT HESITATE to ask me!   😀


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