The Adventures of Looking for a DANCE STUDIO

       ☆☆I’ve recently been interested in finding potential DANCE STUDIO spaces to buy, rent, or lease. I have always told myself that I would settle later in life, after my performance career, with a studio to teach children the wonderful universal language of DaNce!
      As time carries on I’m understanding more and more that finding and beginning a studio is not by any means…easy. Of course in college I’ve taken dance management courses and of the like ,yet, I’m faced with the reality that FINANCES BECOME INEVITABLY THE MAIN ELEMENT HERE. AAANd gosh darn it- if I’ve got to begin searching & SaViNg at this very moment →TODAYºº   then I will do so!!!
      On my way back and forth from a neighboring town, I cruise on a decently busy highway. Each drive, I’ve seen a for sale sign on a large building that I thought would be ideal for a dance space. Off the highway…perfect advertisement! Lots of space..multiple dance rooms! Multiple buildings… I could rent space out, use as storage, create A THEATRE SPACE FOR PERFORMANCES!!  or have a seperate building space for rehearsals…as I’d lllooove to START MY OWN DANCE COMPANY!!   🙂  
    ANYWAYS… I stopped today to check out this mysterious place for a dance studio. Its everything I’d dream of and more!! There’s just a few problems that immediatley came to mind as I crept along the building and peeked through the LARGE WINDOWS… 1) ITS AN OLD CAR DEALERSHIP WHICH MEANS ONE OF TWO THINGS (or both) → its going to cost a fortune to buy… ORRR the renovations will be a fortune considering it being run down. Aaand well, an old dealership!! Its got allll the gadgets and gismos used to lift and fix vehicles…demolition would be ummm… interesting. Yet, I know many a mechanics that could be interested and therefore COULD POTENTIALLY make me a small profit against all my spending!  Eell, anywho, here’s some pics of MY DREAM DANCE SPACE ♥♥♥



This would be one of two studios in this building alone↑↑   ☆☆as u can see- loots of fix ‘er’uppin


This would be part of the waiting and dressing area. ↑↑    there is a seperate office with a window connecting the waiting area I did not take a pic of


One thought on “The Adventures of Looking for a DANCE STUDIO

  1. spiritministries says:


    All I can say about this is, All things are possible with God. There is great potential here girl. Now go get your dream and allow nothing to stand in your way. Many blessings to you.

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