Understanding modern dance. #1

Many seem to be apprehendsive over the notion that nonliteral dance is abatract, that is removed from daily experience and therefore not immediatley understandable. Yet this abstraction exists only in the perception of the inexperienced observer… To the dancer and choreographer, the materials of movement medium are just as concrete and real as sounds are to musicians and colors and textures to a painter!! Its all in experience & the ability of the brain to allow a connection to the movement in some way..
abstract movement gives spectator the oppourtunity to be open in their relationships to the movement..to create their own meaning to the piece! If the spectator does not allow his or her self to respond to the unusual, new ways of moving, he or she may be likley to regard the entire experience as out of focus and meqningless!!
Of course, though, the dancers and choreogrqpher have to be known to this fact and help audiences relate to the dance. Because of modern dances noncerebral nature (excluding literal/narrative pieces), the coherence of the supposed message relies on a form of motor logic  in which movement is placed in particular order that will best depict the message to the audience…
–to be continued-


Above photo from Don Redlich & Gladys Bailin in ‘Couplet’


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