The Dance Teacher..



    *° I have Spent my life as a dancer telling myself that in my travels and endevours of my professional path id wait to teach dance at a later age… Well My Oh My.. i couldnt have BEEN MORE WRONG in thinking that!! Teaching is a skill, a gift, that i believe is touched in all of us… Wether it be teaching a child how to grow or a dog to play fetch… We’ve all got teacher status!! And i”m a Dance Teacher.. It is one of the most rewarding things, among hearing an appauluse!!
          *I dont think i’d have my sanity without my classes! It brings happiness, drive, & support to me as i also find performance/company work!! Each class i learn more about myself..through the eyes, ears, & mouths of these students!! As you know, the young ones WILL INDEED speak their mind!! Haha ! Students, parents, & The dance world relies on you to spread the love for universal language of dance.. I”ll always spread this love NO MATTER where i go!! ❤


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