It’s difficult as a dancer to continue your training throughout each and every year.. ESPECIALLY if your Funds hold you back.. YOU have to FIGHT to stay training throughout each summer by AUDITIONING for summer programs, filling out the required documents, sending in your audition dvds… it’s all worth it to raise to the top of your skill!! The summers off eventually no longer cut it as you get to be a certain level and age group of a dancer… training throughout the year BEST IMPROVES YOUR CHANCES of MAKING IT!! 🙂
First things first– researching & finding the summer programs you want to get into to!! make sure if you’re singing up for multiple that all dates DO NOT INTERFERE with other intensives!! If there are scheduling issues, speak with workshop presidents..there may be a way to allow yo to leave a few days early or late and sometimes will reimburse you for days unable to attend!! The researching the BEST OPTION AND WORKSHOP FOR YOU AND YOUR LEVEL is the biggest part!! from there the paperwork/auditions/ & deadlines begin!!
If ANYONE who has FINANCIAL ISSUES in keeping your training going, let me know, i am the ULTIMATE FIGHTER and KNOW-HOW in auditioning for scholarships/grants/& in raising money for yourself!! AGAIN-NEVER GIVE UP & keep training!


I’m so pleased to see how many dancers are making use of the BalletScoop list of  2013 Summer Intensives! Let’s talk about how to select auditions. I advise auditioning for as many programs as you can without exhausting yourself or negatively impacting your schoolwork, but it helps to have a basic idea of what you want early on.

So before you get overwhelmed by the 300+ program options, take a moment to consider what you envision for yourself for summer training. What are you trying to achieve in the next few years? Are you leaving home for the first time and simply focus on improving your technique? Do you need to look for work or get exposure to artistic directors? Will you be pursuing college? You maybe best served by a particular type of program, and each type offers various features.

Conservatories (generally):

  • are not attached to companies, but…

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